Eton Sutcliff,a relative of Grell Sutcliff.Grell's sister Grace Sutcliff had an affair with Sebastian Michaelis.Soon she had a child and of course sebastian wasn't ever there,that child was Eton Sutcliff.Eton was part demon part reaper,but the demon blood over rode the reaper blood by 10%, so Eton is 60% demon 40% reaper(doesn't use glasses).Eton grew up to be 13 in a couple months because demons age quickly.She eats/drinks human blood,only needs a couple drops every 2 hours,when she hasnt eaten or she is really upset or depressed she turns into a white wolf and when she is fighting some of her begins to turn red,when she is depressed her fur is black and she starts bleeding inside and comes out of her mouth,if she consumes reaper or demon blood it makes her go crazy and turn into a wolf,Eton will attack the reaper/demon until she has a drop of human blood,she carries her own knife with her and will sometimes cut a human without permission and lick the blood off that person,sometimes she cuts william for fun and licks his blood as long as she has had human blood before that.She giggles alot but is a phsycopath but not as bad as Grell.Is the most sweet and loyal butler you will ever meet.As soon as a drop of blood reaches Eton's lips her eyes glow red and her k9's get a little sharper.Eton had made a seal with a young prince named Drake Malosa.He had sworn to kill his father wich had killed his mother and little sister. But the queen's butler Ash Landers had killed him.So Eton Sutcliff was then a free demon/reaper. Her seal is on her stomach to the left.She has a strong attraction to Alois Trancy,Ciel Phantomhive,William Spears ,Claude Faustus.